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The ETE students’ forum shall be set up at each major recognized Engineering college/ university, with the assistance and involvement of senior faculty members of the institution. The IETE centre in the region shall provide support and coordination in the establishment and the working of the forum.
The IETE students’ forum shall have the following broad objective:

• To plan and organized technical programmers and activities. Such as, special lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, exhibition etc. for the benefit of the student members on a regular basis:
• To provide a common platform for the student members to exchange ideas and information on the topics of their interest e.g. curriculum, employment/higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, new development etc;
• To facilitate technical visits/practical training/project world employment of the student members in R & D laboratories, industries, academic institutions etc;
• To encourage team work and the spilt of self-reliance among the student members;
• To serve as a focal point at the institution on all aspects of professional development of the student members.
To meet these objectives, the IETE students’ forum shall arrange frequent meetings of student members together with experts/academic/R&D/Industry readers as well as IETE center’s executive committee members. Programrr%?s of common interest may also be arranged involving students forum at many institutions in a city, region etc.
Students after passing their Degree Exam. will become proud corporate Members of IETE £nd can write after their name BE. AMIETE, with less fees. (Deducting the fee paid for Forum)
Membership Fee
The members of the ETE students’ forum shall pay the following one time membership fee for their membersftp while studying at the college/polytechnic.
Student (FG) Rs 400/-(For 4 years)
Student (FD) Rs 3oo/-(For 3 years)

*student(s) studying in:

Engineering College


I Yrs.

Rs. 400/-


II Yrs.

Rs. 300/-


III Yrs.

Rs. 200/-


IV Yrs.

Rs. 100/-


This consolidated subscription w be reaFsed along with the application form. The minimum required membership strength for opening the IETE Students’ Forum in any Institution is 50, either student (FG) or Student (ED).




http ://www.iete.org ; http ://www.iete.info


Recognising that information and knowledge are primary resources. IETE has been engaged from the very beginning, in establishing national standards for different levels of professionals in their discipline. As a result, new career opportunities have opened up for student members through IETE examinations, viz.. DipIETE. AMIETE and ALCCS. The regulations/syllabi for all these are drafted by specialists and are revised periodically. The examinations are conducted at 36 Centres in India and abroad.
These examinations have received recognition from Government of India for superior and subordinate services and for higher education by a large number of universities and institutions. Consisting of a Board of Examinations advised by eminent Academia, the Institution has maintained a very high standard alongwith a transparent system.


Developing and improving technical and professional competencies, particularly in the working environment is the greatest challenge that professionals face today. To help members avoid technological obsolescence and to achieve the mission of advancing the profession, IETE offers access to latest developments in the technology via conferences. workshops, publications and brain-storming sessions.
• Annual Technical Convention :On themes of current technological interest
a Mid-Term Symposium
a International Conferences
— Memorial Lectures -
‘ Bhabha Memorial Lecture
‘ Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture
J C Bose Memorial Lecture
C V Raman Memorial Lecture
— Zonal Seminars
a Exhibitions
— Symposia. Workshops, Contact Programmes, Round Table Conferences
• Opportunity to refer technical papers in libraries
a Opportunity to publish and review technical papers
a Academic-industry interaction
a Students’ Forum(ISF)’


The IETE is widely recognized as a leading publisher of literature in the field of electronics, lelecommunications,- computer science and information technology. Its quality infomiation products include magazines, journals, books, conference records and other electronic media publications. The publications support the members through out the information curve.
a IETE Journal of Research (disseminating original research work) Bimonthly:
Covers research/academic- oriented papers based on original work and technology reviews on emerging topics. It reports fundamental and applied research work being undertaken in the country in the areas of interest.
a IETE Technical Review (updates technical knowledge) Bimonthly : Covers design / development oriented and review papers of topical interest to keep the members abreast of the state-cf -the- art technologies in the race against obsolescence.
a IETE Journal of Education (enables technical qualifications) Quarterly Provides supplementary resources to the students for preparing for their qualifying examinations and broadening their understanding of concepts.
a IETE Newsletter Bimonthly Covers IETE news and useful information for corporate members.



At present. IETE publishes over 2000 pages annually in Technical Journals (many, special issues) and Conference Proceedings and IETE Book Series. Student members receive free subscription of the IETE Journal of Education. Other members receive one of the other two publications and the News Letter. I ETE also publjhes white papers/policy papers on matters of National significance in the field of ElectrOnics, Telecom and IT.



The Institution fosters advancement of the profession and stimulates its members and others in the profession to higher level of accomplishment by recognizing excellence through awards, medals, prizes etc. It confers fourteen awards for outstanding achievements, seven for best papers appearing in ourjoumais and ten awards for student members for academic excellence in various examinations.

The end use of all technology is forthe progress of human society and its chief mission, ultimately is to improve the quality of life. We at IETE are keenly conscious of this responsibility to the society. Our participation in socially relevant programmes like Norwegian Agency for international Development (NORAD) under Mm. of Human Resource Development, Govt of hdia, re-iterate our emphasis on this issue. The Institution trained. 6360 women from economically weaker sections of our society. Free training imparted by the Institution qualifies the trainee to acquire threshold knowledge and operational expertise to handle basic computer and IT applications. Trainees are also given a stipend of Rs 250 per month.
In addition, similar programmes are conducted by the Centres for young students all over the country especially during the vacation periods. Socially relevant programmes of this nature has given a wide recognition that IETE is pro bono publico - for the good of the public at large. Our latest programme of training the blind in computer with other institutions arranged with the help of IBM, is about to kick off and will go a long way in alleviating this pending problem.


The Institution recognizes that its future leadership in an electronic environment depends heavily uron sharing of resources. Accordingly the Institution
a I- signed a memorandum of understanding with the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE) USA: IEEE Communication Society (IEEE Commn Soc), USA; Institution of Electical Engineers (lEE) UK; Hungarian Scientific Society for Telecom (HTE).
a Is a nominated member in the Board ot Governors of Engineering Council of India, an important national body constituted for the purpose of coordinating the activities and responsibilities of all professional societies both inside the country and abroad.
a Is represented as one of the Memb!rs of the Council of the Association for Security of Information Systems (ASIS) a national level body which promotes the general advancement of information systems security and allied subjects.
• Supports the Govt’s initiative in formulation of policies such as National Education Policy, National Telecom Policy, National Technology Policy.

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