Principal’s Profile


Name                       : Dr.JBV Subrahmanyam

Qualification:      : Ph.D, M.E,B.Tech  in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EEE)

Expert in             : Electrical Power systems, Distribution Systems, Condition Monitoring, performance improvement  of industrial equipment, GPS & GIS systems implementation for revenue improvement,ABET,NBA,NAAC Accreditation,teaching,research,projects,consultancy

Research publications: 82 papers published in international, national journals, conferences, seminars

Research Projects Grants/Funding: Obtained and executed many research projects with funding from World Bank,AICTE,PFC,DST ,Industries etc

Teaching & Research areas: Power Systems/Distribution Systems/Power Electronics/Electrical Machines/Control Systems/HVDC/FACT devices

Experience in     : Teaching, Research, projects,consultancy

Date of Birth       : 18/06/1972

Nationality          : Indian

Experience          : 18 years


Responsibilities: Teaching, Research, ABET,NBA, NAAC Accreditation, obtain & execute

Research projects funding from AICTE, DST etc, guiding Ph.D, M.Tech and B.Tech students

Contact           :  Ph. +91 9849149791